Fake Therapy

Fake Therapy Ad


It is a practice between two persons that stimulates and reactivates the sometimes hidden capacities of anyone to heal anyone (or anything) else. It is a practice autonomous of disciplinary origins and refuses expertise or any form of knowledge-authority.

The main focus for the therapist is to maintain herself in a state of not knowing what it is that she is doing while setting the intention to heal the other person. To set the intention simply means that the therapist assumes whatever she is doing or is happening as healing.

The role of therapist and patient are always exchangeable.



Therapy is not the re-conduction of the sick body to normality but of Being to what is possible to be.

Franco Bifo Berardi


Perhaps one day we will know that there wasn’t any art but only medicine

J.M.G. Le Clèzio



One person takes the role of the Therapist (T) and the other person takes the role of the Patient (P)*

P lies down or finds any other most comfortable and relaxed position and closes her eyes.

T shuffles the Fake Therapy cards while setting the intention of healing P

T picks 4 cards from the deck, places them one next to the other and reads them.

T can start from the indication written in the cards to give the therapy to P until T feels that the session is over.


* For optimal results it is recommended to exchange roles and repeat the procedure.


Fake Therapy Ads published in Art Papers Sept/Oct 2013:

artpaper coverartpaper FT

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