Fake Therapy  and Political Therapy are practices initiated by Valentina Desideri, now used and developed by many.

The deck of cards has been developed in the summer 2010 in K3-Hamburg during a collective artists residency of Sweet & Tender Collaborations. Every day a group of people would get together to make 20 min one-to-one sessions in which one person would try to ‘heal’ the other, without knowing how. Every time the roles were reversed and the last ten minutes were dedicated to describe in the most detailed manner what the “therapists” did. The indications on the card come from these descriptions.

Anyone is invited to use, copy, change, print these cards or make a own set of cards. You can practice Fake Therapy, Political Therapy and/or invent new ones.

This blog could eventually serve as a container to list and link all the uses these cards and these therapies and you can generate. So please contact me if you want to add content, links or write on the blog.

email: valedesideri@gmail.com


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